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Wild Animals Birthday Party with Free Printables

Inspiration and Free Printables for a Wild Animal / African Safari Themed Birthday Party

Party Invitation |

When my oldest turned two, he really liked animals. I bet your children also go through phases of what they like, and of course, the Birthday Party Themes are in line. We’ve had a Planes phase, a John Deere phase, a Pirates phase and a couple of others. I picked the Rainbow and Balloons Birthday Party Theme, though. Today I’m bringing you tons of inspiration for a Wild Animals / African Safari Themed Birthday Party plus a set of free printables. But if you need more inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board, and be sure to follow me on Pinterest while you are there.

Invitations & Stationary

Party Pack Lablels |

In the Printable Pack, you will get the invitation (without text, so you can add your own), as well as small labels you can use for party packs or food. I also include three animal print backgrounds; this should help you out with any stationery you need for the party! I found the animal print backgrounds on

Wild Animals Party Decorations

Party Decorations |

This is a fun theme for party decorations! Use natural textures, like a burlap table cloth or backdrop, wooden chopping boards, and baskets to serve food. Then add some colour and animal prints. I used yellow, orange, blue and green, but you can choose the colours you want. Add some leopard/zebra print serviettes and wooden cutlery to the table.

Wild Animal Party Food |

I wrapped our cutlery holders with the animal prints as well, and you will see small dollar store wild animals hanging out on the table too.

Animal Silhouette |

You can also make big cutout animals and paint them in fun colours to display all over your garden. I just let them lean against the plants and fencing. The kids started playing with the animals as well, which was a lot of fun.

Rhino Silhouette |

How to Make Wild Animal Cutouts out of hardboard:

  • Draw the animal silhouettes (also in the printable pack) onto the hardboard using the grid method.
  • Cut them using a jigsaw.
  • Paint them in fun colours and use them as decor for the party

Party Packs

Party Packs |

I always use brown paper bags for party packs. I placed a strip of animal print with a small name tag on all the party packs. With the treats, I included one small dollar store animal and homemade binoculars.

DIY Binoculars |

How to make binoculars from toilet paper rolls:

  • Save up toilet paper rolls (ask your colleagues at work and family to help if you are short on time).
  • Glue the animal print of your choice to the rolls individually with double-sided sellotape.
  • Attach two rolls with hot glue, and you are done.
  • Add felt trimmings if you want the extra detail with some hot glue.


Some fun activities for the children are colouring pages, which is also included in the printable set. Some more activity ideas:

  • Pin the tail on the zebra
  • Get a fun themed pinata
  • Throw the ball into the lion’s mouth or
  • Toss hoops around a giraffe’s neck

Printable Set

Printable Pack |

You can download the free printables that I created for the Wild Animals / African Safari Themed Birthday Party right here. Just click the button below.  As a bonus, I’ve also included a party planner sheet in the printable pack to help you plan everything. I hope you have loads of fun with this theme. If you do use my printables, please share on social media and tag Windmill & Protea!

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