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John Deere Birthday Party

John Deere Themed party for toddler boys who love the big green tractors & Free Printables!

John Deere Birthday Party Invitation |

My oldest son loves tractors and specifically John Deere tractors. When he was 2, we had to play the Cars scene with Mater and Lighting tipping tractors over and over again because he wanted to watch the story about the tractors! I can still remember his reaction when he first saw a real tractor. He was scared to death, and we could not get him to sit on it even though it was an old broken down tractor that would not move or start. The fear slowly faded, and now he is not so scared of the big ones anymore. So when he turned 4, a John Deere birthday party was the obvious choice.

I planned this party in record time as we were on holiday and returned home just a week before the party. We believe in DIY, even for birthday parties, so there is usually a lot of work. Before we went on holiday, I created a Pinterest board for inspiration. I made the invitations well in advance on CorelDraw, with a vector image I downloaded from Vecteezy. I just changed the colours to the John Deere yellow and green and added the wording. The rest I had to do in less than a week.


We used green and yellow tablecloths, balloons, paper plates, paper cups and just stuck to the theme colours.  I printed a couple of John Deere logos to use on the decor and printed labels for the food.  We used enamel mugs for coffee, and I used rustic/natural textures for the farm vibe.  The abundance of toy tractors we have also featured in the decorations.

Green and Yellow decor |
John Deere Coffee station |


I don’t believe in putting out too many unhealthy snacks for the kids – they enjoy the healthy eats too. So I included strawberries, popcorn and Oreos as a treat. We also served mini hot dogs and cake, of course.

John Deere Food table |
John Deere Food Table Strawberries |


I never buy a cake for a party. Yes, they do look gorgeous, but they are so expensive. Also, many cakes we’ve had at other parties were dry and tasteless, and I’m not too fond of fondant icing. For me, a cake should be made to eat and enjoy and not just be part of the decorations. Growing up, my mom and dad always made our party cakes themselves, so I’m carrying on with that tradition. I usually bake the cake on a Thursday; we “build” it on Friday for the party on a Saturday. The cake stays fresh and moist and tastes delicious. I always use ganache icing, but I use sour cream and chocolate (white chocolate if you want to use food colouring). This icing is delicious and easy to work with. I think the tractor looked pretty good.

Green Tractor Cake |
We used doughnuts for wheels and a plastic straw for the exhaust pipe
John Deere Tractor Cake |
I used black edible gel icing to draw lines on the tractor body and wheels

Party Packs for the Kids

I also never pack a hoard of sugar-filled snacks for the kids in party packs, and I try to make it educational. I have a lot of brown paper bags that my sister gave me a couple of years ago, so I always pack party packs in them. This time I just added a simple label with a tractor and space for a name. It worked perfectly for the rustic farm theme.

Party Packs and name tags |

Inside, I put one chocolate (yellow) and a packet of dried fruit (green) as well as the party favour.

Party packs contents |

For the favours, I took small plastic food containers that I had saved up. Inside I put two layers of cotton wool and a couple of green bean seeds with the instructions on top. The kids could then watch the seeds germinate, plant the plants into the soil and later harvest the beans. I thought it worked nicely with the farm theme and is very educational. You could also use other produce seeds, but the beans give an excellent show during germination, which the kids love to see. Plus, it is a good way to get your kids to eat vegetables – if they harvest it themselves, they are more willing to try them!

Educational Party Favours |
These instructions are also available in the printables pack.

Free Printables

You can also download the free printables that I created for the John Deere Themed Birthday Party. And you can get the printable right here, in an easy download file. Just click on the button below. This printable pack contains the invitation (without wording so you can add your own), labels for party packs, party favour instructions as well as food labels.

Party Printables |

There you have it, a lot of inspiration for a John Deere / Farm / Tractor themed birthday party. Do you have any other ideas for this theme, be sure to comment below!

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Goodbye for now!

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