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This blog, (“the Site”) is created and written with the sole purpose to share ideas, methods, tips and suggestions for home and garden renovation, DIY, décor, organization and improvement. These various home and garden ideas, methods, tips and suggestions on the Site should in no way be construed as guaranteed to be error- or fail-proof, they’re the result of the author’s personal experience in her own home and obtained in the industry of interior architecture through the course of her career.

The author does not guarantee that all content on the Site is complete, up to date or accurate at all times. Additional research and precautions are always advised and the Site cannot be held liable for any outcome, results, losses and/or damages of any home and/or garden renovation, DIY, décor, organizational or improvement undertakings which resulted from any of the content on the Site.

The author of the Site reserves the right to move, remove or replace any images or content without prior notice. The author will not be liable for any incurred damages and/or losses resulting out of this.   

Privacy Policy

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Rights and information regarding Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 for any personal, contact or other information shared on the Site:

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Terms and Conditions

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