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My Top 10 Party Themes for 2020

Birthday Party Themes for boys and girls to use in 2020 with inspiration and printable sets

I know you all love my free printable sets and my themed birthday party posts.  Last year my John Deere and African Safari themed party posts were amongst my most popular posts!  So today, I’m listing my top 10 party themes for kids parties in 2020. 

1.  John Deere Themed Party

John Deere Birthday Party Invitation |

My John Deere Party post was my most visited post in 2019, and I do not think its popularity will decrease this year.  The fact is a farm or tractor themed party is not linked to a movie like many of the others, and there are so many cute and fun things you can connect to this theme.

For a girl, you can focus on the farm animals, where the tractors come in more for the boys.  Head over to my post to see what we did for my oldest’s fourth birthday party.

2.  Lego

My sons love playing with their lego, and it gives them hours of fun!  And I can see on Pinterest that it is a trendy party theme.  You can capitalise on the bright colours and blocks and achieve a very striking look without too much effort. 

3.  Frozen Themed Party

Of course, Frozen needs to be on this list.  Even my two boys belt out the frozen songs throughout the day ever since we went to see the movie.  Both boys and girls loved the film, and I know Frozen will once again be one of the top party themes for 2020. 

4.  Cars

The Cars franchise is still pretty big, and Lightning McQueen will also feature at a lot of parties!  Even now that Disney added Cruize Ramirez, girls will also love this party theme.

5.  Animals

Decorations |

My Wild Animal/African Safari themed party was my second most-read post of 2019!  But you can go so much further with animals!  Use Woodland, farm or wild animals for this theme (or even pets).  The basics will stay the same – neutral colours and rustic elements with various animal print form the basis and then you can add the various animals onto that.  I might also look into a Woodlands animal post this year, just because they are so cute!

6.  Pirates

We had a pirate-themed party for my oldest’s fifth birthday, and I already have a lot of pirate goodies that are almost ready to share with you.  This is such a fun theme as it provides a lot of dress-up opportunities that the kids love.  I had bandanas, eye patches, and cardboard swords for the kids and even offered a treasure chest with jewellery and gold for them to loot!  They had so much fun, and I will be sharing my pirate printables with you in the next couple of months!

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake |

Update: The Post is up, and Printable pack is available for this Friendly Pirate themed party!

7.  Toy Story

You’ve got a friend in me!  Tell me the truth; do you secretly hope your kids pick Toy Story so you can watch it with them?  I will always love Toy Story and enjoy all four movies.  We hosted a Toy Story party for my youngest last year.  This is once again, a theme that is suited for boys and girls!

8.  Dinosaurs

My sons are fascinated with dinosaurs, and I have a feeling this is what my oldest will choose for his birthday later this year. Update: we did not have a Dinosaur party because COVID hit, but I still think it is a pretty cool theme.

9.  Planes

Planes Party Packs & Printables |

We had a Dusty Crophopper theme for my oldest’s first birthday.  Even though old Dusty is not as popular anymore, the world of planes gives a very versatile party.  Head over to see my Planes/Dusty Crophopper-themed party with free printables.

10.  Rainbow Themed Party

Rainbow and balloons themed kids party |

My youngest had a Rainbow party for his first birthday.  It was a lot of fun to work with all the bright colours.  It is a straightforward theme to put together and can also be used for boys and girls. 

How to get your hands on my free Printable packs

You can get all the printable kits for free!  Just head over to the posts and download them straight from there! To save this post for the future, please pin it here:

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