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Rainbow and Balloons themed kids party

Kids party ideas with free printables for a Rainbow and balloons themed kids party

Rainbow and Balloons Birthday Party - Straw flags & cups |

For my youngest son, we decided to make his first birthday party theme a simple one. What one-year-old does not like a colourful party with lots of balloons?

For some reason, I have no photos of this party that we held in 2017 that I could use for this post. I find it difficult to take photos at parties and maybe that is why. I need to do some research on tips for taking photos at parties and do a post about this in the future. Is this something that you struggle with too?

Rainbow and Balloons Birthday Party |


This is a really fun theme as you can use any colour tablecloths, balloons, plates and cups you have available. To make it looked structured and keep with the rainbow theme, I made sure always to group the colours in the same order. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. This simple step ensures that you strengthen the rainbow theme throughout the decor if you stack cups, plates or snacks.

Rainbow and Balloons Birthday Party - Flag bunting |
Rainbow and Balloons Birthday Party - Party Packs |

Food, Drinks & Cake

This party was for a one-year-old, and I really wanted to keep it healthy-er. We had platters of fruits and vegetables with dip. Here as well, I tried keeping with the rainbow colours. I baked mini-cupcakes in vanilla flavour and used 6 colours of icing. I made jelly for the kids in separate see-through bowls and stacked them on top of each other in the colour spectrum.

Rainbow and Balloons Birthday Party - Food lables |
Rainbow and Balloons Birthday Party - Straw flags |

Free Printables

You can download the free printables that I created for the Rainbow & Balloons Themed Birthday Party right here; just click on the button below.  This printable pack contains balloon shapes on which you can add your own wording for invitations, tags for party packs, food labels, flag bunting and straw flags.

Rainbow and balloons themed kids party |

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