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Dusty Crophopper / Planes Themed Birthday Party

Inspiration and Free Printables for a Planes / Dusty Crophopper Children’s Party

One of the first movies my oldest son really enjoyed was Planes 2. It is the perfect story for a toddler boy! Planes, Helicopters, Trains, Tractors and Cars; all in one movie, what a thrill! He also had a Dusty Crophopper soft toy, so he knew Dusty even before seeing the movie.

A couple of years down the road, we still love old Dusty in our house. And for that reason, I decided to dedicate this month’s party printables to a Planes / Dusty Crophopper Theme. We had a Dusty Crophopper Party for my oldest son’s first birthday; some photos will be from that day, almost five years ago. As always, I will give you inspiration for Party decor as well as a Free Printables Pack!

Decor and Colours

For a Dusty Crophopper / Planes Party, you can use orange, blue, white and maybe a bit of green to compliment the palate. Use the colours for flags, balloons, paper lanterns, tablecloths, cups and plates. This combination of colours will really make the scene look festive.

This photo is from where we were setting up, but it gives you a good idea of how you can decorate with flags and paper lanterns.

I made a fun felt bunting. If you can sew in a straight line, you can make one too! Cut the felt in the colours of your choice into triangles. Line them up on a ribbon, and sew in one straight line. It is so easy.

Use any plane you have as decor!

Food & Drink

I always bake and build the cake myself, I know they do not always look professional, but they taste great and are much less expensive! Here was our Dusty Crophopper Cake. A plane-cake is relatively easy to build; there are lots of tutorials on Pinterest.

As part of the printable set, I include labels that you can use as cupcake toppers and food labels. And look at the cute propellers you can add to bottles or glasses.

Free Printables for Dusty Crophopper / Planes Party

The Printable set also contains editable invitations, party pack name tags, wrap-around labels for water bottles or bubbles, as pictured below. You can open the pdf file and populate the text fields with your own wording and print! Try and make clothespin aeroplanes to use on the party packs; the kids will love them!

Planes Party Packs & Printables |

You can download the free printables that I created for the Planes / Dusty Crophopper Themed Birthday Party right here. Just click the button below.

Printable set - Planes Party |

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