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10 Things you can Make with Sheet Vinyl Flooring Offcuts

You just installed your beautiful sheet vinyl floors and loved the result, but what do you do with all the offcut pieces?

By now, you know how much I love our sheet vinyl floors in our master bedroom as well as the kids’ rooms!  But installing sheet vinyl flooring in three rooms leaves you with a bit of leftover, offcut pieces.  Even after we installed it in our passage, we still had some leftover.  Then the question arises – keep it, or throw it out.  I find it difficult to throw out perfectly good products, but I also have trouble keeping items if I’m not sure how, and when I will use it again.  Well, we saved the vinyl flooring offcuts and did not wait too long before putting it to good use. 

Vinyl Flooring Placemat |

Whether you used sheet vinyl, plank vinyl or peel-and-stick vinyl for your floors, these ideas will work for most vinyl flooring products and gives you something constructive to do with all your offcut pieces. 

Use Vinyl Flooring Offcuts Vertically

Make a statement in your home and add the vinyl to your walls!  I haven’t applied it vertically, but I’ve seen it on Pinterest.  I would use the same adhesive you used on your floors.  The flooring adhesive is thick and won’t run down your walls.  And you only apply the product when the adhesive is touch dry, which gives you some time to get the placement correct.

1.  Make a Headboard

You can totally create an inexpensive headboard!  Sara-Lynn form The Inspired Decorator, created a headboard out of vinyl decals and it looks so good!  Her option is less permanent, and you would follow the same steps as she did if you are using peel-and-stick vinyl.

2.  Use the offcut vinyl as an accent wall in your bathroom

You can even add vinyl to a bathroom wall behind a bath or vanity for a backsplash.  Just make sure the vinyl flooring you used is ok to use as a flooring option in bathrooms, and it should be fine on the walls too. 

3.  Wall Art

Glue offcut pieces to panels and add a frame for some large-scale wall art!.  Make the board big enough to use as backing for a magnolia wreath!  This is a very budget-friendly way to create some large-scale art. 

Use Vinyl Flooring Offcuts Horizontally

You can also use sheet vinyl flooring offcuts horizontally.  Again, with sheet vinyl, you can just use the same adhesive you did on your floors. 

4.  Update your kitchen counters

Kitchen Counters After |

We updated our kitchen counters with leftover vinyl flooring.  It was a quick and easy update, and we love it so far!  It is easy to clean and adds a lot of warmth and texture to our kitchen.  The wood-look vinyl even looks like butcher block kitchen.  We also covered the top of a little built-in-cabinet in our bedroom, and it is still looking good!

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |

5.  Line Pantry Shelves

You can line your pantry shelves with vinyl offcuts!  Especially if you have wire shelving, it will help to level out the shelves.  Plus if a pantry or closet looks pretty, we are much more likely to keep it organised right?  

6.  Add it to the bottom of a tray

Tray Lined with Vinyl |

Update an old tray by painting the sides and lining the bottom with vinyl offcuts.  This is also a quick and easy project that you could do in an afternoon.

7.  Use Vinyl offcuts as a photography flat-lay backdrop

Vinyl Flat-lay board |
(I painted that jug to look like blue-and-white porcelain)

If you are a blogger or into photography, save a piece to use as a backdrop or flat-lay for your photos.  It works great, and I love that the vinyl we used has a matt finish which is perfect for photographs.

Use Leftover Sheet Vinyl Flooring for Entertaining

You can also use vinyl offcuts on your dining table, and for these projects, you only need to cut the vinyl to size and you are done!  So easy, and it looks fantastic! 

8.  Make Placemats

Vinyl Flooring Placemat |

I cut out a couple of placemats from the vinyl.  I made mine A3 size (297mm x 420mm).  It is the perfect size for a placemat, and our guests can’t believe that they are made from flooring material.

9.  Make Coasters

Vinyl Coasters |

You can also cut smaller squares or circles to use as coasters, and you can even give sets of coasters as gifts.

10.  Use vinyl offcuts as a table runner

Vinyl Flooring Table Runner |

I also saved one longer offcut piece to use as a table runner.  It adds interest and texture and creates the perfect base for a centrepiece, as I did with this Christmas tablescape in 2019.

Get creative with offcuts of leftovers from your projects to avoid keeping the clutter

I’m all for keeping offcuts or leftovers from projects if you can use them innovatively!  It is a win-win, and most of the projects listed above are free!  I hope my ideas have helped you co cut the clutter and realise that you can, and should use all those offcuts for something.  Have you used vinyl flooring for different projects, please let me know in the comments down below if you have any other tips for us!

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Take care, until next time!

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    Yes all great. I made coasters before and just used for boot insoles. Thanks from jo

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    • Junette

      Wow – boot insoles! What a clever idea, thanks for sharing!

      July 3, 2021 at 8:33 pm Reply

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