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A Quick Guide to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring

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We loved the sheet vinyl floors in our master bedroom so much that we installed it in our kids’ rooms too! Sheet vinyl is a budget-friendly option and is easy to install. We love that it is cooler than carpets but still warmer than tiles and soft underfoot. Once we installed it in our bedroom last year, it was a no-brainer that we would do the same in our kids’ rooms. We also installed it in the passage leading to our three bedrooms.

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How to install sheet vinyl flooring

This post is a quick guide, for a more detailed post, you can head to this one.  

Prepare the floors

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The first step will be to remove the old flooring material and to clean and prep your subfloor. We had carpet in the bedrooms; therefore, we removed the carpet and underfelt. We have concrete subfloors and had to patch up a few spots on the subfloor. Irregularities will show up through the sheet vinyl, so you might also have to add self-levelling screed or underlayment. The sheet vinyl flooring for us is a temporary solution, so we did not add anything and installed it directly onto the concrete subfloor. We also cleaned the floor thoroughly before installing – but note that some adhesives require you to work on a floor that was not washed within 24 hours.  

Cut your Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Dry-fit of Sheet Vinyl |

It is easier to pre-cut your sheet vinyl flooring roughly to size in a larger room where you have space to manoeuvre. We’ve learned over the years that walls are rarely straight, so we never make all the cuts before placing the sheet in the room. We leave a margin on the sides and trim them in the room.

Glue down in sections

Flooring Adhesive |

When your flooring is cut to size, you can glue it down. Fold half of the sheet over onto the other side and apply the adhesive to your subfloor according to instructions. When the adhesive is touch dry, roll the folded section onto the adhesive and smooth it out. Then do the same for the other side.  

Replace Baseboard or Quarter Rounds

Passage After|

We left the skirting in place and installed quarter rounds after installing the sheet vinyl flooring. If you install baseboards or quarter rounds over the vinyl flooring, it will give you a neat finish. We also painted the skirting and quarter rounds white for a cleaner look. We also installed aluminium strips where the Family room carpet and passage vinyl meets.

Floor Strip between carpet and vinyl |

Let’s measure it up

Room After |

I love the feel of vinyl flooring, and I have not looked back since we’ve started installing it in our home. Let’s look at the pros of using sheet vinyl flooring in your home:

  • It is an inexpensive flooring option
  • You can install it yourself – saving you even more
  • It is available in a range of patterns and colours
  • It is durable and easy to clean
  • Sheet vinyl’s thermal qualities are between that of tiles and carpet, making it more suitable for all climates
  • Low noise levels
New Sheet Vinyl Flooring |
(Excuse the flash-cards against the wall – my first-grader is learning how to read)

There are a few cons:

  • It is challenging to install in larger rooms – as you need joints in larger rooms which can be difficult to install neatly
  • If you do not use a self-levelling screed or underlayment, you might be able to see unevenness through the thin vinyl
Sheet Vinyl Flooring |

That is really all cons I can think of, the pros far outweigh the cons. Remember to take a look at this post, which gives you an even more detailed guide of how to install sheet vinyl flooring.  

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How to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Until next time, take care, stay healthy.

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