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How to install sheet vinyl flooring

New Sheet Vinyl Flooring in the Master Bedroom

So I wrote a post the other day of how we upgraded our Master Bedroom Floors.  But that was done almost 5 years ago, and those spots where the paint came off just got bigger and more noticeable.  After I wrote that post, I stumbled upon a very good Black Friday special that I could not ignore.  And even though I had planned on using sheet vinyl in the kitchen, we made the impulsive decision to use it in our master bedroom instead.  I can tell you, we are so happy we did and cannot believe the transformation in the room!

We just painted the screed 5 years ago – you can read about that in this post.  I will start off with the before pictures.

These photos were taken now before we started with the work – we had already removed the rug.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |
Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |

We removed the furniture from the room and cleaned the floor to make sure it was free of dust and grime.  We did not use a self-levelling screed as we installed directly onto the original screed.  The surface was not so smooth and we can see a bit of unevenness through the vinyl, so I do recommend using a self-levelling screed if your surface is not completely smooth and you plan on installing vinyl for a long-term solution.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |
Furniture out and floor cleaned – ready for action

Installing Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Supplies Used

(This is not a sponsored post, I provide links purely for convenience).

  • Sheet Vinyl flooring – we got ours from Airloom in the colour Slow Oak.  It is part of their Quick fit range and comes in a roll of 4m wide.
  • Utility knife to cut the vinyl
  • Flooring adhesive – we used Multi-Flor General Purpose Adhesive
  • Plastic Trowel or adhesive spreader – we could not find one as specified on the adhesive packaging, so we made one from an old plastic lid.

Cutting the Vinyl to size

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |

We had some trouble with this step.  We ordered 6m of the product and the roll is 4m wide.  Our room is 4.08m x 3.85m so it was difficult to work with such a big roll in a tight space.  If possible, cut the sheet roughly to size in another room to make it easier to work with.  We were also reminded again that no wall is ever straight.  They curve, they bulge or are just skew – so make double sure you do not cut the sheet too small. When we had it roughly to size and we could work with the sheet more easily we placed it on the floor and started cutting the edges.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |
Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |

We used a straight timber plank to press the vinyl down into the corners to get a good line along which to cut.  As we had never replaced the quarter rounds when we removed the carpets, we decided to install new quarter rounds.  This meant that we did not have to cut the vinyl too precise – small gaps would be covered by the quarter rounds.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |
Sheet cut to size, ready for adhesive

We worked in the big space first and then moved into the dressing room/foyer area.  Because we have a big room and an adjacent dressing room, joints were inevitable.  We cut the sheet in the middle of our 2 arches leading to the dressing room.  We made sure to cut it on the “plank” line on the vinyl and did the same with the vinyl in the dressing room side.  This way we achieved very neat joints that most people will not even notice.

Using Flooring Adhesive

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 11 |

Cut the product to size in the room before you start working with the adhesive.  When cut to size, fold the sheet vinyl over to apply the adhesive to one side of the room.  It is not necessary to cover the entire surface with an adhesive, we only did along the border and strips as shown.  When the adhesive is touch dry, you roll the vinyl back down and smooth it out.  You can either use a timber plank or a roller of some kind to put a bit of pressure on the product. Then you can start on the other side, following the same process.  At the joints, we made sure to get the 2 sheets snug against each other.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 11 |

The next step was to install the new quarter rounds.  I painted them with 2 coats of Plascon Velvaglo before we installed them.  And after installation painted the skirting and quarter round with another coat as the previously painted skirting had yellowed over the last 5 years.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 11 |
Installed but needing another coat of paint

The Completed Project

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 11 |
Flooring is neat and skirting and quarter round freshly painted

We are so happy with the finished product.  It makes the whole room feel lighter and more high-end.  Take a look at the after pictures.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |
Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |
Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |

We even installed it on the cabinet in the corner of the dressing room.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |
Sheet Vinyl Flooring - 01 |

Wow, this was a long and image-heavy post, but one worth sharing.  We finished it just in time for the new year, and I think it is safe to say that it is my favourite project of 2018!

What do you think of Vinyl Flooring, and specifically this project?  I would love to hear in the comments below!

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Update: We loved these floors so much, we also installed it in our kids’ bedrooms! You can take a look at that post here.

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  • Randi Gonzalez

    I want to do this!! I’d even like the same type. We have carpet in our kitchen! Previous owner must have did that because the floors are so uneven! Someone suggested this type of flooring may be more forgiving.

    May 4, 2020 at 7:18 pm Reply
    • Junette

      Hi Randi! I just love sheet vinyl flooring, and initially planned on installing it in our kitchen too! The floor in our master bedroom is really uneven – and you can see some of the uneven spots when the light hits it in the wrong way. You can also feel it when you walk over it. For the most though, you do not notice the uneven subfloor, and we are pleased with how it is holding up. My advice to you would be to consider replacing your subfloor as well if it is terrible – maybe self-levelling screed if you have a concrete subfloor. Also just check with your manufacturer if the product you choose is suitable to use in the kitchen. Other than that – go for it, you will love it!

      May 5, 2020 at 8:52 pm Reply

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