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11 of the best quick and easy décor items to make in 2021

Our Thrifty Thursday Posts of 2020 gave a lot of inspiration for some great Home Décor Items.  I’m listing my favourite projects that you can easily make in a bit of spare time.

Ar you looking for quick and easy décor items to make this year? We’ve had an entertaining year with our Less is More – Thrifty Thursday Collaboration posts.  It is one project that I looked forward to every month!  We got to create some pretty unique projects and most of them were from items and materials we already had in stock!  I was amazed to see, especially during these challenging times, what we came up with every month.  It was really inspirational, and I look forward to another year of fun Thrifty Thursday posts next year as well. 

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Let’s Dive into the Quick and Easy Home Décor Items

As a fun way to end the year (and because we all took some time for the family these last couple of weeks and did not do new projects), I decided to list my 11 favourite quick and easy décor items from 2020’s Thrifty Thursday posts.  Without further delay, let’s take a look.

Easy DIY Spring Wreath – A Well Purposed Woman

Are you looking forward to spring already?  Then this wreath will brighten up your day.  Elizabeth from A Well Purposed Woman upcycled a grapevine wreath and added some faux flowers and green stems to make a beautiful DIY spring wreath.  Head over to see the full tutorial.

Paint a Wooden Caddy and use it in your Home Décor – Practical Whimsey Designs

Don’t you just love wooden caddies?  They are so pretty, and Erin from Practical Whimsey Designs showed us just how versatile they are. She transformed a thrifted caddy with some paint and showcased thirteen ways to use caddies.  Now that is an item that is going on my thrift-store list!

DIY Rope Tray – The Inspired Decorator

Sara from The Inspired Decorator showed us how to make a DIY rope tray from an old pizza pan.  It is so easy to make, and I love the texture the rope adds.  You can play around with rope thickness and the colours you use and really create a statement piece.  This is on my to-do list for 2021!

DIY Woven Leather Coasters – Bloom in the Black

Brianna from Bloom in the Black upcycled an old leather skirt and decided to make these gorgeous woven coasters.  You can also make these to give as a gift, and I love how easy they are to make!

Make a Faux Terracotta planter – Windmill & Protea

I found a cute white porcelain bowl at a thrift store at the start of the year.  I loved the design of the bowl and decided to accentuate it even more with some paint.  It turned into a faux terracotta mini succulent planter and is now hanging out on my newly completed built-in unit in our home office.  It was so easy to transform this little guy – and it looks beautiful.  You should try it out too!

Boho Terracotta Planter |

Wood Bowl Succulent Planter – The Inspired Decorator

While we talked about succulent planters, Sara from the Inspired Decorator, used wooden bowls and transformed them into succulent planters!  I love the colours and designs she chose.  It reminds me of mid-century décor, and the pastel colours look so good against the wood!

Create a Wooden Spoon Display in the Kitchen – One Thousand Oaks

This is probably the most straightforward project of them all and such a creative way to get some art on your kitchen walls!  Jaclyn from One Thousand Oaks had a wooden spoon collection and decided to display them on her kitchen wall with command strips!

Faux Oil Rubbed Bronze Vase – Practical Whimsey Designs

Now we are heading into the vase section.  This is one item you will always find at a thrift store!  And no matter how ugly, or characterless you might find some of them, they are easy to transform.  Erin from Practical Whimsey Designs chose to paint a vase to make it look like oil rubbed bronze.  I love the detail she added to the vase. 

DIY Plaster Vase – The Lived-in Look

Martina from The Lived-in Look transformed a vase with Plaster of Paris and some innovative paint techniques.  I love the texture she adds with the plaster, and her paint techniques give it even more detail. 

DIY Baking Soda Textured Vase – The Inspired Decorator

Sara from The Inspired Decorator upcycled this vase by adding baking soda to her paint to add texture.  I think it is such an easy way to add texture while updating the colour of an old vase.

DIY Blue and White Porcelain – Windmill & Protea

I transformed some of my Grandmother’s items into faux blue and white porcelain.  I inherited a small jug and canister after she passed away, but never had them on display as they did not suit my décor style and colours.  Firstly, I spray painted them white and then painted delft-inspired patterns on them.  Although this project will take you a bit longer than the others, it is well worth the effort.  I still love my blue and white porcelain items, and they are on display all over the house.

DIY Painted Blue and White Porcelain After |

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Don’t you just love this list of Quick and Easy Décor Items?

Home décor items are mostly costly.  And for this reason, they are often overlooked in home design.  By the time you get to the accessories, you’ve run out of money, right?  Well, now you have a whole list of quick and easy décor items to make in the new year.  And for most of them, you might not even have to go out and buy anything.  Shop your own home first, and see what you can make!  Let me know which of these projects are your favourite, in the comments below.

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