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My Project Wish List for 2020

It’s a new year, and I hope you are excited about everything 2020 has in store!  Today I’m listing my 2020 Project Wish List.

As you may know, I’m a full-time working Mom and don’t have a lot of time for all the DIY projects around the house, but we do try to squeeze them in. I still forget to take before photos on a lot of my projects, and I’m trying to find the time to learn everything I need to know for the blog. 2019 was a rough year, and I’m hoping that I can find better balance and rhythm this year for our projects and a regular posting schedule! I guess you can call this a New Year’s Resolution although I’m not one to make resolutions. I’ve never gotten into the habit, but I will make a project wish list for the year ahead!

Our Kitchen

We already finished the bulk of our kitchen projects two years ago, and I made some significant progress with the posts last year. I’ve documented the before and design plan, how we painted the cabinets and wall tiles, and we also built an industrial track light. But I need to finish some of the smaller projects that are still not complete, and I’m hoping to get all of them done in the first half of this year. I cannot wait to show you how the kitchen is looking now; we’ve come so far already.

Retro Kitchen Revamp - Design Plan |

Home Office

I would love to renovate our home office this year. I’ve shown a glimpse of the mood board I designed for it in this post. I might change it a bit still, but 90% will stay the same.

Interior Decorating Course |

I’m looking forward to creating a more functional space. The home office is a mess at the moment with too much furniture but not enough storage. And as it is not practical, it ends up as the dumping grounds for whatever is lying around in the house.

We will install sheet vinyl flooring in there as we did for our main bedroom and kid’s rooms. But we also desperately need more light, maybe some downlights and pretty wall sconces. I’m envisioning a wall with built-ins, more streamlined desks and a quick fix for the desk chair.

Interior Doors

We would love to replace our interior doors for doors with more character. We have standard hollow-core interior doors, some painted, some with a veneer. It would add too much weight to the doors to get the style we are after, so new doors will be a better option with new hardware as well.

Scatter Cushions

I’m not sure why I even bother with scatter cushions as they always end up on the floor, but they are sooooo pretty! I’ve placed a hold on all scatter cushion additions in the home (except for these cute ones I made as Christmas décor) until I figure out better placements though. I’ve been struggling to get my cushions to look right on my furniture and sometimes feel like I have too much and other days too little. So, I’m making it my mission this year to figure out better scatter cushion placement which I will share with you of course.

Pom-pom Scatter Cushions |


We have two almost 6-year old Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are very loveable, but still very destructive. Our garden is taking shots, and we will be trying to make their side of the garden more dog-proof. We will try and make the irrigation and plants water-wise and hardy to ensure we still have a lovely garden to enjoy. I’m also hoping to do some more gardening projects and posts this year.

Beautiful succulents |

A Fun Collaboration

This year I’ll be teaming up with three inspirational bloggers for a fun monthly collaborative post. We are calling it Less is More Thrifty Thursday; make more of your home décor for less. We will be posting some fun and thrifty transformations every last Thursday of the month, and I’m super excited to start working with these ladies. I will be joined by Sara from The Inspired Decorator; Martina from The Lived-in Look and Elizabeth from A Well Purposed Woman.

Am I too ambitious with this Project List?

I feel like the project list might already be too long to accomplish them all this year. I’ve only listed the big items, and there are a lot of smaller projects that I’m also looking at, but I’m hoping we can finish all of these projects, even with our busy schedules. I hope to see you here for the whole journey. As always, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Take care, until next time.

Junette |

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