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Day 1 – Paper Christmas Decor

Yesterday, I posted about my mission to make inexpensive and easy Christmas decor, mostly from materials I already have at home. Today is Day 1 of the fun, and I’m using paper as the first material to make Christmas decor from.

7 Days of Frugal & Easy Christmas Decorations. Christmas Décor that you can make from materials that you probably already have in your home.

Origami Birds - Paper Christmas Decor |

Something I always have at home is paper. Any crafter has paper in stock, and not only white paper but all kinds of speciality paper and wrapping paper.  Can I ask you a question; do you ever use all the small scraps that are leftover from projects?  Or do you just hold on to them in case you ever need it?  Yup – I’m one of those.  Although I’m not a hoarder, I have a really hard time to throw beautiful pieces of cardboard/wrapping paper/speciality paper away, so I hold on to them.  Why not for once using those “scraps” for Christmas decor.

Origami Birds Paper Christmas decor |

I decided to make some Origami birds for my Christmas tree.  It is no secret that I like to use birds in my home decor.  Just look at my cross stitch collection.  So I thought a couple of swallows would look pretty on the tree.

Origami Birds as Christmas tree Decor

Wrapping paper works well for these projects.  I made the swallows quite small, and on that scale, with the number of folds, it gets too thick if you use a thicker paper or card stock.  I love the pattern of the paper, and it works great with the rest of my Christmas decor.

Origami Birds |

You can find a lot of free Origami patterns online; this is just one site that offers a lot of tutorials.

Origami Birds - Tree decor |

Paper used in other applications for Christmas Décor

Type in “paper Christmas decor” on Pinterest and see what you can find – there are endless possibilities!  Fold paper Christmas trees for your children’s rooms or make snowflake garlands to hang on the mantle.  You can use plain white paper or any other you have in stock.

Paper is so easy to use for Christmas decor.  With loads of tutorials and ideas, you will not be disappointed.  You can even choose simple designs and get your kids to help out.

Origami Birds |

Check back tomorrow to see how I use clay for Christmas Decor!

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