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How To Quickly Update An Outdoor Planter

Give an old Planter New life with paint and windmills or figurines to create visual height for a striking outdoor feature

We had this old, chipped outdoor planter that was left by the previous owner at our house. I was ready to get rid of it, but then I left a couple of succulent leaves in there, and they started to grow. I also placed out old windmills in the planter, and it began to look better – then I knew I could update it with a bit of paint.

It is no secret that I love succulents. Not only do I love the look, but in our hot & dry climate, they are perfect. I’m continually trying to add more water-wise plants to our garden, so these succulents that propagate themselves is a great solution. You can also look at our front door succulent planter for inspiration.

Before |

Updating the Outdoor Planter with paint

I had to update the windmills too; they were in pretty rough shape. All three windmills have sentimental meaning: I bought the smallest one when I was 9-years old, we bought the middle one while on honeymoon and the biggest one was a gift from my brother- and sister-in-law. They were all purchased at roadside stalls while on holiday.

Windmills Before |

After I removed the plants, I disassembled the parts of the windmills I could. I lightly sanded the windmills & outdoor planter and primed them with a spray primer. The sanding and primer help with the rusty spots on the windmills.

Primed planter and windmills |

After that I sprayed the windmills with two coats of silver spray paint – they look fantastic! I painted the outdoor planter with two coats of Plascon Velvaglo in the colour Ewa. It is an outdoor Enamel paint, that is UV resistant, and does not require a sealant. We had some paint leftover from all our exterior painting, so I had the colour in stock, and I love how it plays with silver and green.

A Striking Outdoor Feature

This is how the planter and windmills look like today. It looks amazing, and it really is a feature on our patio now! Plus I got to save all those sentimental windmills.

Outdoor Planter After |

Adding windmills or other figurines to a planter creates some visual height and interest in a planter. It also breaks the monotony if you only want to use one species of plant in a container.

Beautiful Outdoor Planter |
Windmill & Succulent details |

I especially love looking at the details in this outdoor planter. I love how well the colour of the planter works with the grey-green succulents and silver windmills.

Windmill & Succulent details |

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