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How To Set A Stunning Informal Christmas Table

Today we are looking at Christmas Table settings, and more specifically, a more informal Christmas table setting. You will find, by shopping your own home, you can create a beautiful Christmas table!

Informal Christmas Table |

Step by step guide to an Informal Christmas table setting

Step by step instructions to set informal Christmas table |
  • Start with a simple table cloth, if your tabletop is beautiful, leave it as is and do not add a runner. 
  • Add a runner. We just upgraded two rooms in our home with sheet vinyl, and I used an offcut piece of the vinyl as a runner. Always keep your eyes open for objects you can use in your home décor, you’ll be surprised at what you find. 
  • Add candles, be sure to vary the heights for visual interest.
  • Add some greenery, I had mini Christmas trees and placed them in a variety of containers. 
  • Now you can add some fillers, like a garland. I used a faux garland with string lights.
  • Next, you can add placemats. Woolworths (South Africa) has beautiful paper placemats in store this year, and I love the green designs. Use a set or alternate the designs to create interest on the table. If you can’t find paper placemats in-store, have your kids draw pictures or patterns on A3 paper and use them instead.
  • Add plates and cutlery. Keep it simple and informal for this Christmas table with white plates.
  • Add napkins – fold cloth napkins or paper serviettes in a Christmas tree shape and put them on the plate. You can add a star, ribbon or name tag to the napkin too!
  • Glassware – once again, keep it simple. A small white wine glass combined with a bottle and paper straw looks festive. 
  • For some extra candlelight, you can also add battery-operated tea candles to each setting.
Individual Setting |

This completes your table. This simple and informal table setting still looks elegant, especially at night with all the candles lit and string lights. 

Candlelight Christmas Table |
Stunning Christmas Table |

Using other colours than traditional red

What are your favourite colours to use for Christmas table settings? Do you stick to red or do you also break from tradition with other colours as I did? I love using whites, neutrals and metallics in my table settings, with just one other colour as I did with the green on this table. It creates a peaceful and elegant setting for a wonderful family meal.

Informal Table at Night |
Candlelight Table |

Whatever you are planning for your Christmas Dinner, I hope this informal Christmas table setting gave you a bit of inspiration. If you have some tips, or if you will be trying to duplicate this table setting, I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below. 

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How To Set A Stunning Informal Christmas Table

I’ll be back soon with another table setting, this time, a formal table. Be sure to check back for that one.  Also, look at my Christmas table from last year.

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