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How to Add Fun to Tea-Towels with DIY Tassels

Spruce up Your Summer Decor by Adding DIY Tassels to a Tea-towel

I bought a lovely tea-towel a while ago to hang on my oven handle to add a pop of colour to my kitchen. But I felt like something was missing and decided to add DIY tassels for some fun. This is such an easy project, and if you use red, white and blue, you can use it for forth of July decor!

Supplies |

Supplies used:

  • Tea-towel in the colour and design of your choice
  • Needle
  • Craft scissors
  • Thread to use for the tassels. I make a lot of cross stitch designs and therefore have a lot of DMC Embroidery thread and used it for the tassels. I had the perfect colours for my tea-towel on hand (listed below)
DMC Colours used |

How to Make DIY Tassels

The tassels you add to a tea-towel is relatively small. So you can make them by winding the thread around two fingers.

  1. Wind the thread around two fingers until you have the thickness you desire.
  2. Take the bundle off your fingers and tie one strand of thread at the top (don’t make it too short, as you will use this thread to attach the tassel to the tea-towel).
  3. Wrap another strand of thread around the tassel a couple of times near the top and tie in a knot.
  4. Lastly, cut it open at the bottom and trim the edges if necessary.
How to make tassels |

These DIY tassels are easy enough to make. I made four tassels of each colour, and love how they turned out.

DIY Tassels |

Attaching Tassels to a Tea-towel

  1. First, mark with pins where your tassels will go to get the spacing even. I placed ten tassels on each of the shorter edges of the tea-towel.
  2. I placed them on top of the fabric. With the needle pull the thread through the fabric at the point where you marked with a pin. I kept my work neat and tried to hide the stitches in the tea-towel seam.
  3. At the back of the fabric, pull one of the strands of thread back to the front, and loop it around the front of the tassel before pulling it back through.
  4. Do the same with the other strand.
  5. Tie them in the back in a knot and cut.
How to attach tassels to tea towel |

I did not want the tassels to hang loose, so I let them overlap on the fabric seam and fixed them as described above.

Pretty Tassels |

I love the colours, and I love how fun this tea towel is now! It looks great on a tray, and I can’t wait to start using it!

Beautiful tassels on tea-towel |
Tea-towel with tassels |

Easy Crafts are Always a Winner in my Book

This project cost me the sum of the tea towel, and it amazes me every time that the least expensive projects turn out so pretty! They don’t take a lot of time, either.

Tassels - 07 |
Pretty tassels on tea-towe |

Have you made similar crafty products? Why don’t you try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments down below.

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