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Day 3 – Faux Flowers Sprays as Christmas Tree Decor

Welcome to day 3 of my Frugal and Easy Chrismas Decorations series! So far, I’ve shown you how you can use paper and clay as easy Christmas Decor. Today we’ll be using plastic – in the form of faux flowers or sprays to brighten up your Christmas decor!

7 Days Of Frugal & Easy Christmas Decorations. Christmas Décor That You Can Make From Materials That You Probably Already Have In Your Home.

I’m not using red in my Christmas décor this year.  It is quite refreshing to break away from the traditional colours and do something different.  I could not find poinsettias in something other than red, yellow or orange.  (For some reason they did not have white!?) And the other metallic stems I could find was too expensive for my budget. 

Faux Flowers |

Inexpensive faux flowers or sprays for Christmas Tree décor

I bought some inexpensive sprays and flower stems from Mr Price Home to use in my tree décor instead.  It worked out a lot cheaper!

Sprays before |

You can also get away with just a couple of stems.  Divide the stems and maybe combine the leaf fillers with the flowers.  I bought four spays and three flower stems and created 12 bunches to use in my tree. Cut off the branches and twist a bit of florist wire around the new bunches and then stick them into your tree!  It is as easy as that, and it fills any gaps your tree might have.

Spray painted stems |

Another supply I always have on hand is spray paint.  You can spray paint plastic flowers or stems to match your décor or just to add a bit of bling.  I spray painted my sprays in a metallic bronze colour.  It does not matter if some of the greenery shows through; it will still look great.

Fau Flowers used in tree decor |

Other ways to use faux flowers in your Christmas Decor

  • Buy red or white flowers and put them in a vase instead of living poinsettias if you struggle to care for real plants. Real poinsettias never last long in my home, I think it is too hot here in summer for them.
  • Buy a couple of inexpensive stems to make a wreath.
  • Instead of using bunches on stems, cut the flowers individually to hang them as ornaments in the tree.

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Use Faux Flowers & Sprays for Christmas Decor

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