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Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Plan

Today I’m sharing a fun project of mine – a Design Plan for an Elegant Modern Bathroom.  You may have seen in this post that I recently completed an Interior Design course.  I put in so many hours to design various rooms, and the results were worth it!  So I thought it would be fun to share my designs with you for free! 

Elegant Modern Design Plans

This is the first post I’ll be sharing for an Elegant-Modern home, so be sure to check back for the others as well!  I will also be sharing a bedroom, living room, entry and dining room in this style.

I will be going through all the elements in more detail below, but here is a master list for all image sources.  I’m providing links to the sources for your convenience; they are not affiliate links. 

Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Plan |

Small Bathroom Floor Plan

We were given a small floor plan for this project.  The bathroom’s size is only 2 x 2m, and the budget was tiny.  I had to design a bathroom for a teenage girl, but the elements I’ve used can be applied to a larger master bathroom as well.  Take a look at the floor plan I came up with.  For the small space, it is still a functional space with enough room to move and open shower doors and cabinet drawers.

Bathroom Floor Plan |

Walls and Floors for an Elegant Modern Bathroom

Don’t be scared to create contrast, even in a small bathroom.  My inspiration image uses a dark blue colour on the walls above white subway tiles.  I opted for a medium green-grey colour on the two walls with subway tiles and an off-white for the remaining walls.  The floors will be tiled with large-format light grey tiles.

Walls & Floor Finishes |
  1. Create contrast by painting a darker colour above the subway tiles.
  2. Plascon Frozen Limeade – I love to use this colour in my home as well. We painted our wall tiles in the kitchen with Frozen Limeade. It is white with just a tint of green. I would paint two of the four walls with this colour. It also looks stunning next to pure white.
  3. Plascon Fynbos Leaf is the colour I chose to use above the white subway tiles.
  4. Use Light Grey porcelain tiles for the floor. Use large format tiles to minimise grout lines – it will make the floor in a small bathroom look cleaner and more spacious.
  5. Glossy white bevelled subway tiles.

Sanitary Fittings

The bathroom only has space for a shower, and I would, therefore, use glass shower partitioning to open the space up.  A pentagonal shower enclosure is perfect for a small space.  A wall-mounted basin and cabinet provide ample storage without adding too much bulk.

Shower & Basin Cabinet |
  1. Pentagonal Shower with frameless glass panels.
  2. Honey Oak Framed Mirror. I wanted to use light to medium wood tones with the grey and white to keep the space airy.
  3. Honey Oak Wall-mounted basin and cabinet. This sleek and modern vanity cabinet provides enough storage for bathroom essentials. The wall-mounted design is perfect for a small room.

Bathroom Accessories

This is the fun part – when you give yourself a neutral palette to work with, you can explore quite a few options when it comes to accessories.  Add botanical art in understated frames and balance the greens with succulents in rose-gold planters.  Use Chrome taps and towel rails with a brushed nickel light fitting. 

My friend Martina from The Lived-in Look also just wrote a post about how to mix metals in a bathroom – it is worth a read! 

And lastly, add texture with baskets and bamboo blinds.  I would keep the towels white for this small elegant modern bathroom but add a fun patterned bath mat.

Elegant Modern Bathroom Accessories |
  1. Botanical Prints – you’ve got to love this gorgeous set of eucalyptus prints!
  2. Elegant Brushed Nickel Vanity Light
  3. Succulents in Rose Gold pots – you can use faux or real ones.
  4. Natural woven baskets for laundry or bathroom supplies
  5. Chrome taps and accessories.
  6. I also added a fun zig-zag patterned bath mat.

Interior Elevations

I’ve also drawn up the interior elevations of the bathroom so you can see how it all comes together.  I love drawing these elevations as you can get a good idea of how the elements will look in the room.

North & East Elevation |
South & West Elevation |

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Elegant Modern Bathroom Mood Board / Design Plan

Free Printable Mood Board

If you would like to see the mood board/design plan for this bathroom in a high-resolution pdf file, you can download it from my free printable library.  You can gain access to my printable library by subscribing to my email newsletter here, and I will send you the password.  Please refer back to this post for all the sources.

Do you like this design?  What would you do differently?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.  And if you are looking for more bathroom inspiration, be sure to look at our family bathroom mood board, and room reveal.

Take care, until next time!

Junette |

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