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Easy DIY Christmas ornaments

Easy and budget-friendly DIY Christmas ornaments you can make with craft supplies that you already have in your home.

We all love Christmas, and decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to every year. I also like to add new items to my Christmas decor, but there is not always room in the budget for new ornaments.  That is why today I am bringing you three options for DIY Christmas ornaments!

DIY Christmas Ornaments |

These baubles are so easy to make and will suit 3 different styles!

Rustic DIY Christmas Ornaments

Rustic ornaments materials |

Supplies used:

  • polystyrene craft balls, various sizes
  • white craft glue (clear drying)
  • thin jute rope/twine
  • craft pins
  • craft paint in colour of your choice (optional)
  • thin galvanised wire & long nose pliers

(The reason I use craft glue for this and not hot glue is because I like the rope to sit snug on the polystyrene – craft glue will give you this finish).

Start by putting a small amount of craft glue onto the polystyrene ball, then secure the tip of your rope onto the ball with a craft pin.  Start coiling the rope around the ball as you add more craft glue.  Add a craft pin every now and then to secure the rope in place.  The craft glue takes a bit longer to dry and therefore it is necessary to keep the rope in place with the pins – you can take them out when the glue is dry.

When they have dried properly, you can either leave them as is for the natural rustic colour or paint them with craft paint.  Remember not to use spray paint with polystyrene!  You will still keep that gorgeous texture of the rope even if you paint them.

Cut short pieces of wire, and bend the one end into a loop with the pliers. Put a bit of craft glue onto the wire tip and push it into the bauble.  Now add a piece of rope or twine through the loop and they are ready to add to your tree!

DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments |
DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments |

Combine these with burlap, pine cones and grapevine ornaments for the perfect rustic Christmas tree!

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Rustic tree inspiration - 05 |
This Rustic tree from Shanty 2 Chic is gorgeous!


Classic DIY Christmas Ornaments

Classic Ornaments Materials |

Supplies used:

  • polystyrene craft balls, various sizes
  • white craft glue (clear drying)
  • 6 mm wide ribbon in the colour of your choice
  • craft pins

Once again start with a small bead of glue and then secure the ribbon in place with a craft pin.  We will cover up the pins, so you will not need to remove them in the end.  Wrap the ribbon in a full circle around the ball and then fan out the ribbon with every loop as shown, making a cross at the top and bottom every time until the ball is covered completely.  I alternated with pins and a bit of glue in the middle of the “fan” with every loop, be sure to cover up the pins with the next loop of ribbon.  Make a big loop of ribbon at the end, securing it in place as well with glue and craft pins.

DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments |
DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments |

Combine these ribbon ornaments with metallic ornaments and a wired ribbon garland for a classic look.

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Classic Tree inspiration - 10 |
I love this classic Christmas Tree with metallic, blue, white and pink ornaments from The Home I Create

Vintage DIY Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Ornaments Materials |

Supplies used:

  • polystyrene craft balls, various sizes
  • Craft paint in the colour of your choice
  • white craft glue (clear drying)
  • Lace ribbon

Paint the polystyrene balls with craft paint and allow to dry.  (It works well to put them on bamboo skewers to let them dry properly).  When they have dried properly, you can start with the lace.  This is by far the messiest of the lot, as you need to use a lot of glue with the lace.  Wrap the lace in the same manner as with the ribbon. Use enough glue as you want the entire lace ribbon to stick to the polystyrene ball, and smooth out the lace with your fingers in the end.  Pop them onto the skewers again and let them dry.

You can use the same method with the wire to hang these ornaments.  I also added some jewelled studs to the small ones for a bit of sparkle.

DIY Vintage Christmas Ornaments |
DIY Vintage Christmas Ornaments |

Combine the lace ornaments with a pearl garland, soft flowers and crochet ornaments for a vintage tree.

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Vintage tree inspiration - 15 |
This beautiful vintage tree is from Jennelise Rose

So that was easy right, and they won’t break the bank.  You can even use them in your home decor all year round!

Do you have any tips or suggestions, or DIY ornaments that you make yourself as well?  Be sure to tell me in the comments below! And if you are looking for more budget-friendly Christmas Decor, check out this post.

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  • Sara-Lynn

    I learned the hard way that spray paint and polystyrene don’t mix! Melted onto and through my area rug. I love how these turned out, especially the lace baubles.

    November 12, 2019 at 6:48 pm Reply
    • Junette

      Thanks Sara! We used to experiment with polystyrene and certain paints and glue as kids – quite entertaining. I love the lace baubles too, maybe I should make some more of them.

      November 13, 2019 at 8:22 am Reply

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