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Day 7 – DIY Cardboard and Wire Tree Topper

Welcome to Day 7 of the 7-day series! I’m giving you seven days of frugal & easy Christmas decorations. If this is your first time here, be sure to check out the previous day’s posts where I used paper, clay, faux flowers, wood beads, felt and leather to decorate my Christmas tree.

7 Days Of Frugal & Easy Christmas Decorations. Christmas Décor That You Can Make From Materials That You Probably Already Have In Your Home.

Wow, it has been such a busy week with all the crafting, but I cannot believe we have arrived at the final day of this series. The last item on the list is a tree topper. I could not find tree toppers in my style, so I made one. I really wanted a star and decided to use cardboard and gift-wrapping paper plus wire to make this DIY tree topper.

DIY Tree Topper |

Cardboard and wire DIY Tree topper

You can start by drawing (or printing) a star shape on a piece of cardboard; you will need 2 of these. Remember to include the fold lines on your shape – this will make it a lot easier. Then use double-sided sellotape to attach wrapping paper with a pretty pattern to the cardboard star on the side without the fold lines.

Start folding your 3D star – you need valley folds and mountain folds. For your convenience, I’ve drawn the star fold pattern for you. You can download it in my printables library. On the design, you will see the black line indicating cut lines, red for valley folds and the blue lines for mountain folds. You can gain access to my printables library by subscribing to my email list here.

3D Cardboard Stars |

Once you have folded both of your stars, glue them together using a glue gun.

3D Star complete |

Then you can use pliers and wire to bend a spiral cone for your tree topper – leave a straight piece right at the top to attach to your star. Glue the wire piece to your cardboard star, allow to dry and your DIY tree topper is ready to use.

Wire Attached to Star |

Other brilliant tree topper ideas

  • My friend Martina from The Lived-in Look uses berry picks to top her tree. It looks gorgeous, and you can use any faux florals, leaf filler stems or berries!
  • Make a starburst tree topper; there are lots of DIY ideas for this on Pinterest.
  • Make the entire topper from wire – spell out words like joy or peace with the wire.
  • I’ve also seen a lot of adorable owls, making it to the treetop!
Star Tree Topper on Tree |

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DIY Cardboard Tree Topper

I hope you have been inspired by this series for DIY Christmas ornaments. It has shown me that with a bit of stock in your craft closet and creativity, there are so many possibilities. Decorating your home for Christmas does not need to cost a fortune. 

I’ll be back soon with more DIY ideas for decorating your home for Christmas and some lovely Christmas tablescapes. Till next time, take care!

Junette |

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