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Easy DIY Wall Light Update

How to update your old light fittings at a minimal cost

We have a lot of wall-mounted lamps in our home, and while the fittings are alright for most, the 1970’s yellow/pink lamp shades were not pretty.  We have a cool colour scheme in our house and the brass fittings did not work with our decor.  I decided to update the existing rather than buy new ones. I did not find new light fittings I liked the style or price of so a DIY light update was in order.

These before’s are in our master bedroom. We had the double fitting and then two single fittings above the bed. We removed the ones above the bed and moved them to our family room. The light fittings in the family room were beyond saving.

Easy lamp upgrade - 1970's lamps before |

Hello pinkish lampshade and 1970’s brass.  I know in the picture the glass shades look yellow but believe me, it had a pink undertone.  Probably suited the pink carpet that was in there… remember the mouldy pink carpet?

Supplies Used:

  • Spray paint Primer in grey
  • Spray paint in Cast Iron and Silver (I had them in my stock)
  • Newspaper and painters tape
  • New glass lamp shades – I found them at a thrift store for a reasonable price.

I loved the shape of the wood and metal arms but removed the glass shades completely.  Next, I covered the wood and electrical components with newspaper and painters tape.  Cleaned the metal arm properly and sprayed one light coat of primer.  Let it dry completely and then sprayed it with two light coats of the cast iron spray paint for the double fitting and silver for the two single ones.  I removed the painter’s tape and fastened the new lamp shades in place.  I’m still so happy with this DIY light update, the new (old) lamp shades are perfect and make me smile.

Easy lamp upgrade - New Main Bedroom Lamps |
Easy lamp upgrade - New lampshades |

I love the geometric pattern on the lamp shades that add a bit of mid-century modern to the room which I love. I was so lucky to find two matching lamp shades! In our master bedroom, I chose to use a darker shade (cast iron). I initially thought it was too dark and opted for the silver for the other two.

Easy lamp upgrade - Upgraded lamps in main bedroom |

I could not find matching shades for the other two fittings, but it does not bother me too much. They hang on opposite walls, so you never look at both at the same time. But I am keeping my eyes open to see if I can find something to match either one.

Easy lamp upgrade - New lamps shade |

When we installed these, I realised that the darker cast iron colour looks better, and I plan to re-spray them. Do you like the cast iron or silver better?

Easy lamp upgrade - New lamps shade |

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DIY Lamp update before and after

Goodbye for now!

Junette |

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