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How To Make Cheerful Christmas Scatter Cushions

Make cheerful, Scandinavian-inspired Christmas scatter cushions from placemats and pom-poms. This budget-friendly addition will add lots of character to your Christmas décor.

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I love scatter cushions! But with a heavy heart, I stop myself from buying more of them. Their prices seem overrated and, man I don’t have enough storage space in my home for them all. For some reason, the pillowcases you can buy are never in the right size and are never as pretty as the ones with pillow inners. What’s up with that? We want to swap out our scatter cushions with seasonal décor, but who has room for all the pillow inners too? Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with this?

For years I’ve wanted to make some pretty Christmas scatter cushions but never got around to it. This year was finally the year, but I vowed not to add more bulk to my storage, and it also had to be budget-friendly!

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How to make budget-friendly Christmas Scatter Cushions

I did not plan on making these cushions red; I’m not using red in my Christmas décor in our living room this year. But I fell in love with these placemats from Mr Price Home! The colour, the texture and the pattern caught my eye straight away, and I had to take them. I love the Scandinavian vibe they have as well!

Supplies Used:

  • Placemats in the design and colour of your choice. Two for each cushion you want to make.
  • Wool /yarn, in the colour of your choice.
  • Needle & thread (sewing machine is optional).
  • Pillow inners or pillow filling material.
Placemats and pom-poms |


Sew the short sides of two placemats together, right sides facing in. I untied the knots in my placemats as I did not want to use the tassels. You can do this step with a sewing machine, by hand or I’ve seen people using hot glue for this too! Remember to leave the longer edges still open. Turn them right sides out.

Make some mini pom-poms. It works brilliantly to wrap the yarn around a fork; this tutorial shows you how. Make enough pom-poms to add to the short edges of your cushions. I used seven on each side. Make the yarn you tie around the pom-pom longer, as you will use this to fix them to the cushion cover. 

Space pom-poms evenly |

Decide on the spacing of your pom-poms and thread the two longer pieces of yarn through to the inner side of the cushion cover. Turn the cushion covers inside-out again and tie the pom-pom yarns in a knot. 

Knot pom-poms on insiede |

Turn the covers right side out again for the final time. Stitch up one of the longer edges completely. I did this step by hand using a ladder stitch. You can also use hot glue again if you prefer it. Insert pillow inner or filling and close the last edge up too. That’s it; your Christmas scatter cushions are done, and they look great!

Cheerful Christmas Scatter Cushions |

What to look for when choosing placemats to use as scatter cushions

These look so pretty; you can easily use them as is or in different colours in your décor year-round! Choose woven placemats for added texture, and do not be afraid to use bold prints or patterned placemats. Consider the quality if you want them to last a bit longer. You can add a zipper or buttons as well if you want to be able to remove the pillow inner for interchangeable covers and easier storage. 

Red Scatter cushion with pom-poms |

For other Christmas décor inspiration, check out my posts here and here. What do you think of these Christmas scatter cushions? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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DIY Christmas Scatter Cushions with Pom-Poms

I’ll be back soon with gorgeous Christmas table settings early next week! Till then, take care and be sure to enjoy the Christmas season!

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