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My 6 Favourite Products to Use for Budget-Friendly Home Décor

Materials and Products that you can use to update your home décor on a minimal budget

I love transforming thrifted or second-hand furniture and décor items to use in my home décor.  Not to mention making home décor items from scratch.  But if you need to go out and buy all the supplies you need for an upcycle, these projects can become a bit pricey too, without you realising it.  Today we are discussing six products you can always use in creating your own unique, budget-friendly décor.  It is so worth it, to have some of these products in your stockpile, to help you save a bit on budget-friendly home décor.


You can transform almost anything with paint, and it is relatively inexpensive.  I’ve seen how painting walls can transform a room, but you can also paint furniture and home décor items.  You can paint thrift-store frames, ceramicware, wall sconces, planters, cabinets and desks and a lot of other things too. 

Paint Sample Pots |

I’ve learned over the years that wall paint sample post works great for craft projects too.  In my experience, craft paint leaves more brush marks, has a gloss finish and are more expensive than sample pots of wall paint.  Plus you have a greater colour spectrum with wall paint than you have with craft paint.  I have a couple of colours in my stock that matches our home décor, and I use these a lot! 

Spraypaint, on the other hand, can get a bit pricey, so I use it only on selected projects to save on costs.  If you have a good quality paint, as mentioned above, a good paintbrush plus the right technique, you can get a smooth finish in any case.

Embroidery thread

I do a lot of cross-stitch embroidery to give as gifts and to use in our home décor.  As a result, I have a lot of embroidery thread on hand.  And I have used it on a couple of projects other than cross-stitch, like these cute tassels I made for a tea towel last year.  I find embroidery thread versatile, and I just love the colours.

Tea-towel completed |

Rope, Twine or Ribbon

I know rope, twine or ribbon is kind of the same as embroidery thread, but the uses differ.  You would not cover a polystyrene ball with embroidery thread, as you would need to use a lot and it will get expensive.  Rope, twine or ribbon, is materials that you would use for larger-scale projects like Christmas ornaments or maybe mobiles.  The uses for home décor items are endless!

DIY Christmas Ornaments |

Contact Paper

Even though our kitchen counter contact paper transformation did not work out, I still love using contact paper in projects.  It is versatile, easy to use and comes in a range of designs.  You can transform furniture as I did with this industrial side table.  You can use it for a craft project as I did with these frames.  Or you can use contact paper to help out with storage solutions, like covering cardboard boxes with contact paper for use in your linen closet, or lining cupboard shelves with it.  Contact paper is one of my favourite budget-friendly home décor products. 

Faux marble tabletop |

Fabric or Felt

I am not a hoarder.  Sure, I hang on to ribbon and pretty sheets of paper if I know I will use it again, but I usually try to declutter instead of holding on to too much.  But I do also have a fabric storage cabinet, and it has saved my budget with a couple of projects.  I managed to update our piano stool with a piece of fabric I had on hand, and it looks so good. 

Piano stool Update complete |

I also made Christmas ornaments and a Protea wreath with felt I had on hand.  Felt is exceptionally easy to work with, and the options are endless. 

DIY Felt Protea Wreath |

Inexpensive Décor Items

I love using white décor items in my home, and that is something that I’m always looking out for when I’m out shopping.  I know what suits my style and budget, and that makes it easy to make a choice, without regrets.  Look around your home and see if there is any colour that you use a lot in décor accessories?  White or black or any metallic items maybe?  Then be on the lookout for items in those colours, whether it is in a thrift store or the clearance aisle in your favourite décor store.  But be sure to always stick to your style! 

White decor accessories |

You can easily save on Home Décor or Upcycles if you have the right products in stock

Now, please don’t take this post as an encouragement to keep hoarding paint, fabric and all the ribbons and twine you can find.  But by being intentional with what you keep and what you throw out or donate, you could save yourself a lot on home décor items.  Thrift store upcycles are mostly worth it if you already have a bit of paint on hand. It might get expensive if you need to go out and buy five cans of spraypaint. 

I regularly use the products that I have listed above and would therefore not throw it out.  Your list might differ. I would love to hear from you if there are any other products you regularly use in budget-friendly home décor!  Maybe you could turn that old pool noodle into a wreath, or repurpose an old picture frame with paint!

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My 6 Favourite Products to Use for Budget-Friendly Home Décor |

I’ll be back soon with another Thrifty Thursday post, where I transform a basket with just paint! 

Until then, take care and stay safe!

Junette |

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