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Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Our 1970’s green bathroom received a full remodel to make it more functional.

We are so happy we decided to do a full remodel on this bathroom, and we could not be more pleased with the result! If you haven’t seen the before, progress and artwork posts, be sure to check them out!

Let’s take a look at the before again. Lots of green tiles, a green carpet, broken taps, no storage and a tiny mirror and shower!

Bathroom Remodel Planning - Bath before - 04 |

Below you can see how we changed the layout after our contractor drew up a new plan. The shower is huge, and the toilet is now hidden from plain sight. We were able to place a mirror above the vanity, and this vanity gives us some much-needed storage.

Bathroom Remodel Planning - New floor plan - 07 |

I also designed a mood board to help with planning.

Bathroom Remodel Planning - Mood board - 08 |

Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Now you get to see the final result!

Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Basin and Bath |

The grey tiles we used has a lot of depth in the colour and visible texture. And the subway mosaics plays well with the colours in the room. We could not be happier with our vanity and mirror set – the top drawer opens as well, so it has a lot of storage. The subway mosaic tiles and taps came from CTM (not sponsored). Our wall colour is Plascon Sheepish.

Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Vanity & Mirror |
Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Vanity Details |

We didn’t have a hand shower in the bathroom before, and it is a luxury. To be able to easily wash the play sand away (I’m sure other parents can relate) is terrific. Now the new bath won’t get abrasion scratches as the old one did.

Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Bath Full View |

The walls above the bath are the only open spaces, so that is where we installed the artwork. We reused the old blinds we had – just a standard bamboo roller blind. I replaced the cords of the blinds. The old ones had completely disintegrated in the harsh late afternoon sun. Hopefully the cord we replaced it with is more UV resistant.

Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Artworks |

The baskets pick up the colour from the vanity and add texture. We use one as a small dustbin and the other as a toilet paper holder. I also grabbed a couple of baskets to organise the vanity. My succulents are doing well on the windowsill, and I love all the white accents.

Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Toilet |

Our shower door has two movable panels. Our contractor cut the floor tiles into small squares to use for the shower floor.

Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Shower |
Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Shower Door |

I added slate-blue towels for a pop of colour for our two sons. The towel rails match the chrome finish of the taps.

How to tie accessories in a bathroom (or any room)

Family Bathroom Remodel Reveal - Bathroom Details |

My go-to method for tying artwork and accessories together throughout my home is to use white. I use a lot of white for accents, plant pots and in our artwork. In our family bathroom, I used the same method as you will realise if you look back a the photos. Of course, it helps in a bathroom if the sanitary fittings are white as well.

My tip is not to do as I do, pick white and stick to it for all your accessories and style items. But look at what colour or texture you usually gravitate towards. Use this as a base to tie all your decor elements together to create a cohesive look not only in one room but throughout your house. I just thought I would share this tip; I might write a whole post about it one day – tell me in the comments if you would like that!

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Modern Bathroom Remodel, Room Reveal

Goodbye for now!

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