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Family Bathroom Remodel: Progress

In my previous post, I shared the before pictures and design plan for our bathroom remodel. Today in this bathroom progress report, I will be sharing the in-process pictures of the demolition work and construction.

Demolition: Out with the old

On the plan, you can see what was demolished. Our contractor removed all the sanitary fittings, tile and carpet, as well as the two walls in red and the door to the toilet. That door opening was closed up. The contractor also removed all existing galvanised plumbing and installed all-new copper pipes. He also installed a new ceiling.

Bathroom Remodel Progress - Demolition plan - 01 |
Bathroom Remodel Progress - Demolition - 02 |
Wall between toilet and bathroom demolished
Bathroom Remodel Progress - Demolition - 04 |
Here they already started chasing in the walls for the new plumbing

With the two walls gone, the bathroom really felt bigger. It is surprising how big an impact the first step can already make in a project like this.

Building Work: In with the new

Bathroom Remodel Progress - Door opening closed up - 05 |

The contractors closed up the door opening, and after installing all the new plumbing they could start preparing the walls for tiling. I had drawn a tile layout that made it easy for them to line up the wall- and floor tiles. It is really helpful to give your contractor guidelines for this sort of detail if it is really important to you. It saves a lot of trouble to discuss the details beforehand.

Bathroom Remodel Progress - Tile layout - 12 |
Interior elevations showing the tile layout
Bathroom Remodel Progress - Tile work commencing - 06 |

The contractors really did a very neat job with the tiling. We bought square floor tiles and had them cut in half to use on the walls.

Bathroom Remodel Progress - Tile work - 07 |
Bathroom progress: Tile work coming along nicely – this spot is almost ready for the bath
Bathroom Remodel Progress - Wall ready for vanity and mirror - 11 |

Above is the spot for the vanity. The mirror goes above the subway tile backsplash. We decided to tile the wall behind the mirror so that the mirror would not sit in between the tiles but on top.

Once they completed all the tiling work, they moved onto installing the vanity, shower door, bath and toilet.

Bathroom Remodel Progress - Bath is installed - 09 |

The Finishing Touches:

With everything installed and painted, we had to complete the last couple of items ourselves. Like hanging the mirror, artwork, towel rails and of course accessorising.

What do you think of the bathroom progress so far? Stay tuned for more updates on how we accessorised and the final reveal!

Goodbye for now!

Junette |

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