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Family Bathroom Remodel: Planning

Our second bathroom was a real headache.  It was time for a bathroom remodel! Sure, with all the green tiles it made you feel like you were in one of the Kruger National Park’s bathrooms.  We only needed the Kudu emblem on a couple of tiles.

Bathroom Before |
Bathroom Remodel Planning - KNP Bathrooms - 01 |
See, It looks the same! (Photo Source)

Lets take a look at the before:

Bathroom Remodel Planning - The floor layout before - 02 |

The toilet cubicle was separate from the bathroom. There was nothing wrong with this, except that you could see all the way into the toilet from the front door. At least did not have the green tiles.

Bathroom Remodel Planning - Toilet before - 03 |

The bath had chips and stains and the shower was minute and very dark. As the basin was a pedestal basin, we had no storage in here except a small medicine cabinet against the wall. The floor had a dark green carpet which was not in a good condition.

Bathroom Remodel Planning - Bath before - 04 |
Take a look at the broken tiles in there
Bathroom Remodel Planning - Shower before - 06 |

Considering a quick fix:

We did consider a quick fix at first because it was REALLY GREEN. We figured we could tile the floor with tiles we had lying around in the garage, and paint the wall tiles to get rid of the carpet and green tiles. But then we started counting the broken wall tiles. We would have had to replace about a third of the tiles first before painting them. Paint will of course unfortunately not hide broken tiles. We also ran into trouble with taps in the bath, shower, and basin that were broken beyond repair.

That is why we decided to move this bathroom to the front of the list and save up for a full renovation. As a result of the layout change, there would be some work on the plumbing. With both of us working full time, we decided it would be better to use a contractor to do the work for us.

A New Layout:

Our contractor came up with the new layout. We had a couple of suggestions for the layout, but in the end, his proposal was the best. Here is the new plan:

Bathroom Remodel Planning - New floor plan - 07 |

Everything moved around. We took down the wall between the toilet and bathroom and closed up the toilet door. Now the view from the front door looks better! The new space made it possible to install a bigger sower. I also really wanted to be able to put a mirror right above the vanity therefore the vanity could not be under a window.

Mood Board:

I designed a mood board for what we had in mind for the bathroom. My first inspiration was by Corey on Hey There Home. I love everything about this design and it really helped me to choose the elements we wanted in the bathroom. Here is my design plan for the bathroom remodel:

Bathroom Remodel Planning - Mood board - 08 |
  1. Bamboo blinds
  2. Fun wall art (photo source)
  3. Wooden frames
  4. White pots with plants to accessorise (photo source)
  5. Vanity and matching mirror from Italtile (no longer available)
  6. Tivoli Bardi range taps and other chrome accessories
  7. Subway tiles for bath and backsplash
  8. Large matt grey porcelain tiles for walls and floor
  9. Baskets for storage and added texture
  10. Blue as an accent colour for art and towels

Do you like the new layout and design? I will be back soon to show you more details of our Bathroom remodel.

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Before and Design plan for a family bathroom.

Update: View the Room Reveal post here.

Goodbye for now

Junette |

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