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Cute Animal Cross Stitch for a Baby Boy Nursery

When I was pregnant with my second son, I knew I wanted to DIY some art for his room.  I had a couple of old frames in various sizes at hand and decided on making a cross stitch gallery wall.  So I started combing through Pinterest for inspiration.  I did not have a very specific theme for his room but had my heart set on animals for the art.  Then I came across these designs.  I loved that they were unique and thought it was a fun way of adding the nursery colours to the artworks.  I liked that it was not realistic animals, just the silhouette outline with a fun pattern.

Animal Silhouette Cross Stitch - 01b |

The Frames

Before I started designing the patterns I decided on the layout of the frames.  I had 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large and 1 extra-large frame to work with.  I played around until I came up with an arrangement I liked.  The amount and sizes lent themselves to a formal arrangement instead of organic.  As they were all different colours, I spray painted the frames to create a cohesive look.  I used the primer grey – with most spray paint brands, the primer grey is gorgeous.

Animal Silhouette Cross Stitch - Nursery Giraffe - 02 |

The Patterns

I used the elephant, whale and bunny patterns as on Etsy, but modified the colours for our nursery.  I also designed a giraffe, penguin, tortoise and deer patterns of my own.  I included the tortoise in his birth announcement sampler in the biggest frame.  The fact that I designed the bulk of the patterns gave me the flexibility of making them the exact size I needed for the frames I had on hand.  I used animal silhouettes I found online and traced them onto the patterns I had already drawn in CorelDraw.

Animal Silhouette Cross Stitch - Nursery Deer - 03 |

The Colours

I also chose the colours for the designs to go with the nursery.  We had bedding picked out in grey and aqua, and I wanted grey curtains.  But I thought a bit of yellow will brighten up the room, so I incorporated the yellow into the patterns.  I used different shades of blue, yellow, grey and aqua/teal in the designs for a nice spectrum of colours.  I chose what I had on hand in my cross stitch supplies to save costs.

Animal Silhouette Cross Stitch - 05 |
These are the DCM colours I used

After I stretched the designs for framing on mounting board, they were ready for the frames.

Free Printable Patterns

I want to give you free printable cross stitch patterns as well to use for art in a nursery or playrooms.  The exact patterns for the elephant, whale and bunny is available for sale on Etsy, so I can’t offer you those for free.  (This is not an affiliate link).  So I made some silhouette animal cross stitch patterns to share with you.  They are available in pdf format.  I did not specify any colours.  You can choose the colours to suit the room you are using them in.  But I would suggest doing the backstitch border in black or a couple of shades darker than the cross stitch.

Animal Silhouette Cross Stitch - Animal Silhouette Patterns - 04 |

You can download the free printable animal cross stitch patterns.  To get access to them, please subscribe via email, and the password for the printables library will be sent to you.  If you are already a subscriber you can access the library here.  The password is in every email I send out.

I hope you enjoy these!

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Cute Animal Cross Stitch Patterns with free printable patterns.
Free Animal Silhouette Cross Stitch Patterns.
Free Animal Silhouette Cross Stitch Patterns.

Goodbye for now

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