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Al Fresco Christmas Dining

Summer is great for Al Fresco dining, and of course, we have Christmas in summer here in South Africa, so I thought I would put together a DIY Christmas tablescape for an Al Fresco dining experience.

Summer Christmas Tablescape

Al Fresco Christmas - 01 |

We had a heatwave over Christmas time, so naturally, we wanted to be outside and close to the pool to cool down when necessary.  We don’t have a roof over our porch, so I set the table on the lawn under the trees where there is enough shade for everyone.  I used our white dining room chairs with a fold-up table.

Items Used:

  • Red tablecloth
  • Crazy weave placemats
  • Silver underplates
  • White dinner plates
  • White side-plate with border detail
  • Cutlery, serviettes of your choice and some rope or twine
  • Pine cones, spray-painted or natural
  • Glass bottles and paper straws
  • Battery operated LED tealight candles and paper of your choice

I decided to stick with the traditional Christmas red, so I used a red table cloth. Then I layered the placemat, underplate and plates, topping them with a pine cone.  I had a couple of spray-painted pine cones and used them for a bit of shine on the table, which combined well with the underplates.

Informal Christmas Table Setting |

I wrapped the cutlery in red patterned paper serviettes and tied them off with a piece of white rope – simple and easy, and placed it on the plate stack.

The glass bottles and paper straws worked perfectly for the homemade ice tea I prepared.

Al Fresco Christmas |

I used strips of paper to make lanterns of the tealight candles.  Just wrap them around the candles and fix them with some double-sided tape.  This, of course, works better with battery operated candles (fire hazard with real candles) and will make the table come to life if you dine at night.

Outdoor Christmas Dining |

I did not add a centrepiece – when everyone removes the pine cones from their plates – they become the centrepiece!

So what do you think?  Simple and easy, it gives a picnic feel on the grass and under the trees, but the table adds a touch of glam.  I always like to combine rustic/natural elements with some metallic items for my tables to balance the textures.

Al Fresco Christmas - 01 |

How did your Christmas tables look like?  I would love to hear in the comments below. If you are looking for more Christmas table ideas, here are formal and informal table settings.

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Goodbye for now!

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